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Posted in Editorial, Sports by brmeyer3 on 11/16/2008
WOW! what a weekend for shooting. Friday night (after i shot at the animal shelter and the ROTC vigil) i had to shoot volleyball (saturday night too). Its a really tough sport to shoot, just a lot going on and its hard to make it look good. Volleyball isnt one of my top sports to shoot now. Saturday in the morning we had a frigid football game, and we lost which didnt help enjoying it. Right after i had to rush to shoot the “Next Dance” of chief illiniwek. That sucked cause security kept telling me i couldnt shoot in the stands, when i was told i could (twice) by the lady that was in charge. Also it didnt last very long and i was stressed from the security guards, but i got a couple good shots. Sunday morning i shot womens basketball. That was fun, but the girls arnt as fact paced as the men, so it was a little easier. Im just ready to take a break from shooting for a while and nap.

Volleyball game saturday night.

My favorite picture i took of him. Im kinda mad cause i didnt get to enjoy it as much cause i was moving around all the time and focusing on my camera more.

womens basketball
*All images copyright Brad Meyer and the Daily Illini

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