Prequel to the Sequel

Its been awhile.

Posted in Editorial by brmeyer3 on 11/20/2008
Havnt been able to  update this the past couple of days because ive had a ton of homework. But i had more shooting to do after the weekend. Monday night was a meeting about the Chief. It was just to have people talk about the whole situation. Media could only stay for a couple minutes, so it was quick, kinda boring to shoot, but done. Tuesday morning i had to wake up earlier then i would to shoot a girl in a wheel chair. She suffers from dystonia, which i guess makes her muscles not work. She had to be “fed” through a tube that went straight into her stomach. and she had to have someone help her with pretty much everything, because she couldnt really move from the waist down. But she was still cool and laughed about situations, like getting hit by a bus which is kinda weird, and didnt let this bring her down. And last i did a shot of a beer can for image making class. eventually this will be a stencil and spray painted onto a rock or some dirt.

*All images copyright Brad Meyer and the Daily Illini


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  1. Dean said, on 11/21/2008 at 2:47 AM

    where’d you guys get the photo from? or did we go out to the graveyard? haha

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