Prequel to the Sequel

More promos

Posted in Bands, Personal by brmeyer3 on 01/17/2009

I shot promos again from Screams of Winter. I wanted to try my 2 light set up ( i really wanna get a third). We went back to the house were i am working as a set photographer for a horror movie, and where SOW shot their music video. Im shooting again for the horror flick early in the morning, so i should probably go to sleep soon.

*All images copy right Brad Meyer

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  1. Dean said, on 01/23/2009 at 11:50 AM

    The first one (9+copy) is a stop or two under-exposed on my monitor. Maybe increase power on your key light, or move the umbrella closer. I would have also moved the guy on the left back a little more so the back light could hit him more. Otherwise great composition. Working with small strobes is a little hard for group photos — i know from experience. I’m trying to get into strobist stuff myself.

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