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Tennis (is not my favorite sport to shoot)

Posted in Editorial, Sports by brmeyer3 on 02/11/2009
Tonight was my first night shooting tennis, and after a couple minutes of being their, i was not having fun. The 20D was just not cutting it with its 5 frames per second. I really wanted a 1D mark II(I) the whole time. Also, lighting is terrible, but extremely soft because all the lights point UP towards the ceiling? Also i got yelled at by the officials for moving around to much during the games, and for being to close to the “playing area” and had to move 3 feet to my left. I making a mental note to myself to try and retire from tennis matches, or at least untill i have a camera that shoots 9+ frames a second.

*All images copyright Brad Meyer and the Daily Illini


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  1. Dean said, on 02/12/2009 at 2:43 AM

    Yeah, tennis sucks. It’s a little more interesting when they play outside, but still sort of boring. I used to shoot tennis with a Rebel XT before I got my 1D III. It’s so much easier now, but I’m sorta lazier too.

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