Prequel to the Sequel

Trip to Chicago

Posted in Personal by brmeyer3 on 03/26/2009

Me, Ned, and Dean went to Chicago for the day to shoot. We walked around for 8 hours and my ankle is now paying for it. We walked 3 miles to Calumet, payed 8 bucks for a mediocre burger, hung out at the bean, and road the subway. It was a good day, im just mad the sun never made it out.

A shot i took first then Ned and Dean proceeded to steal the same shot. Im indecisive on the color balance of the photo, and/or whether it should be Black and White.

American Gothic statue

Bean shot with some off camera flash

Using the Bean as a reflector for my flash so i could light Dean from the side.

Ned suggested we eat at the Billy Goat Tavern. The burger was not worth 8 bucks.

*All images copyright Brad Meyer

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  1. Dean said, on 03/27/2009 at 11:48 AM

    I still don’t get why you got so much light spilling onto the bean when I was holding it (the same way you did).

    My knee is still pretty sore too.

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