Prequel to the Sequel

Rosaline Shoot

Posted in Bands, Personal by brmeyer3 on 05/19/2009

Saturday morning, i had to run up to Chicago to shoot more promo shots for Rosaline. They just signed to Eulogy records and needed some new shots. Their new record sounds really good too, apparently I’m one of the first people to have heard it, let alone have it. We decided to shoot at noon, and they wanted outside shots. I was really nervous going into this because I knew over powering the sun was going to be really hard, and when they said they wanted to shoot at the lake, i almost freaked out because there was no way to power my one strobe. We walked out onto a pier, and i really pushed my camera to its max to get to its sync speed ( ISO 50, 1/200th, F/11) and set my little 430EX on full power. Low and behold i managed to just over power the noon sun by a stop and keep the guys lit and out of the harsh shadows. The only part im not happy with is that the guys were all squinting in the photos, and they still had their backs to the sun. At the end of the shoot, some random dad thought they were fall out boy and telling a story about how they (the real fall out boy) didnt give his son an autograph.




*All images copyright Brad Meyer

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