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Starting a new project

Posted in Personal by brmeyer3 on 05/20/2009

This summer i want to become a much better photographer. I decided i want start a project where i come up with 1 picture every day, and to challenge myself, im going to use my 50mm prime. Why? because i dont use it enough and having a prime is going to make me think a little bit more. I also plan on going the black and white route so i can do something different, and hopefully learn when a scene can be B+W and when it shouldn’t. By the end of the summer i hope to have 100 or so images and I plan on making a book out of them. Heres today’s image. I took a good 2 mile walk through a forest preserve/ abandoned land by my house. Shooting landscapes/nature is something new to me, and hopefully become better at it by the end of


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  1. mulka said, on 05/21/2009 at 2:22 AM

    I used to use my 50 all the time when I was on a cropped sensor, but now I’ve probably only put it on the D700 maybe twice, maybe. I’ve been rocking the 85 probably cause that simulates what I’m used to.

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