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what a great sunset

Posted in Personal by brmeyer3 on 06/02/2009

I was sitting at my computer tonight at around 7:30 and was extremely bored and wanted to go shoot something. I looked out my window and the sky looked pretty overcast, but none the less i ran out the door as fast as i can hoping for some cool cloud formations and hopefully a good sunset. I drove west for about a half our and made it to the fox river in oswego. At first before the sun wasnt really setting, i wandered in some woods doing to hdr stuff, but it wasnt working because the wind kept blowing the plants all around. I then found some train tracks and tried shooting something there, but nothing to interesting to me. All of a sudden the sky went completely purple and red as the sun went down. I then found an open field and started shooing some silhouettes because the clouds were really cool and the colors in the air were almost surreal. After the sun went behind some trees, it got really dark and i walked back to my car and was going to call it a night. I was parked right next to the river, and when i got their, there was still a little bit of light on the horizon and the water was giving it a great reflection. so i ran over and started shooting for a couple more minutes before the sun was gone. The first 3 images i mucked with the white balance to produce some different effects, but the last picture of the river was the actual light i was getting, i didnt mess with any white balance or saturation or anything, i just boosted the contrast and blacks a little.




*All images copyright Brad Meyer

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