Prequel to the Sequel

I missed the cap toss.

Posted in Editorial by brmeyer3 on 06/06/2009

I had to shoot Lisle high schools graduation today for the Daily Herald. I was kind of excited to shoot this one because it wasnt being held at COD, which happens to have the worst lighting i have ever had to shoot in. Well Lisle’s gym was really good to shoot in, as far as high school gyms go. There was even a second level to shoot from, which i had to use the 300 2.8 on. I thought i would never have said this, but i wish the class was bigger, only 150, so i could shoot some different angles and such. As the last kid walked across the stage, i ran upstairs as fast as i could to get the hat toss with an aerial view. During my assent up the stairs, i heard the principle over the intercom that the class has graduated, and the caps were tossed. When i made it to the railing to shoot, no caps were left in the air and all i had left was to shoot a bunch of happy, hugging kids. I now know to prepare myself well in advance to for the cap toss to get it just right, as it only happens once for a split second.






*All images copyright Brad Meyer and the Daily Herald.


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