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Hit the lights!!

Posted in Editorial by brmeyer3 on 06/15/2009

Yesterday my only assignment for the Daily Herald was to shoot Addison Trail’s high school graduation. I’ve done a handful of graduations so far this summer, and they are starting to get pretty boring and redundant, but thankfully they are pretty much all done, and i cant wait to start shooting some different assignments. This graduation was probably the hardest to shoot out of all I have had to cover, but it also yielded the most images then any of the others i have been happy with. I showed up early hoping to get some good shots before the ceremony, but all of the kids were just sitting in the schools auditorium doing nothing. There was no hugging or laughing, just kids on listening to their ipods and texting on their cell phones. When the ceremony started, they had to pack all of the kids onto the schools gym floor, not leaving much room for wandering around to get shots. The front row was literally 3 feet away from the stage, and they had railings in front of the stage and on the sides, which made it very difficult to shoot around. When the kids started going up to receive their diplomas, the school thought it would be a good idea to turn off all of the lights in the gym except for a couple spot lights that were pointed on the stage. NOT GOOD. I had to use my camera at ISO 12800 and my flash for 3/4 of the ceremony, and if i didn’t have the 5d mark 2 and was only shooting on my 20d, i have no idea how i would come away with any images. When the last row of kids went up to walk across the stage, i made my way up to the balcony to shoot the cap toss, but low and behold, these kids didn’t throw their hats in celebration, so i was left empty handed. I did get some good emotional shots after the ceremony but to leave early before the parking lot became a total disaster and so i could turn in my photos on time.





*All images copyright Brad Meyer and the Daily Herald


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  1. dean said, on 06/16/2009 at 10:24 AM

    how much time do you have to process in your workflow, considering you have 21MP files to mess with?

  2. brmeyer3 said, on 06/16/2009 at 1:49 PM

    normally i shoot in medium jpeg, which is 10mp. And we usually only turn in 2 or 3 photos, so it doesnt take that long to tweak them in photoshop. But for graduations we dont edit them because it would take to long to fix 80+ photos. We just crop in photo mechanic and send them over.

  3. Erica said, on 07/09/2009 at 12:16 AM

    That first one is great. Stock photo that! hah.

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