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More promos

Posted in Bands, Personal by brmeyer3 on 06/18/2009

I shot some promos for a band today. They want to come out really big and surprise people, so im keeping there name a secret. We shot in the parking garage in downtown naperville and it worked out amazing. I got my 3 lights going and working, and was able to underexpose the ambient by 3 stops, i think i should have gone 4 tho. I also wanted to shoot these at a long focal length (105mm) to give a different look then my usual wide shots, but i did some of those too. These are probably my favorite promos i have shot so far, and i cant wait to shoot these guys again.



*All images copyright Brad Meyer

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  1. dean said, on 06/19/2009 at 9:48 AM

    I don’t really get the need for the pillar in the first one, the second one is awesome as per usual.

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