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Crazy weather this weekend

Posted in Bands, Editorial by brmeyer3 on 06/20/2009

On Friday i was assigned to shoot a protest in the early afternoon and a blues concert in the evening. During the middle of those two assignments, my photo director said i may be hunting around for weather feeches of all the rain that got dumped from the clouds. After working 5 hours at my Dad’s place, i headed over the protest. I hate shooting protests because they are boring, and i try to avoid the signs and megaphone, but fail every time. But every time i shoot one, i hope for the best that the riot police will need to show up and tear gas will be fired into the crowd.


Well it turns out that when the rally started, there was not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was in the upper 80s and the humidity was crazy, so instead of feech hunting for rain,  i sat in the daily herald office doing nothing. I left about an hour and a half before the blues concert i was going to shoot to make sure i got there early. Trying to park in downtown Aurora was terrible, all parking garages were closed, no lots close by, and no media parking for the festival, but i convinced some kid to let me park with all the food vendors. I finally made it into the festival grounds with only 15 minutes before the concert started, as i made my way up the stage, the band was already playing, 15 minutes early (probably a first ever in concert history to start early). I went to go up to the shooting area, and security told me i had to go get a fancy media pass at a tent far away. As he told me this, i heard over the microphone that the festival was closing due to a storm coming in. I missed the shots i was supposed to get of the band, and i started to worry. I then ran to the crowd and grabbed a shot of some guy packing up his stuff with the stage in the background. I didn’t have my camera set up right, and it was a little blurry, but good enough for me considering i needed to come back with something, and he gave me a really good quote. As people were leaving, the rain instantly starting coming down in sheets, and i stayed to get a vendor packing up their tent in the thunderstorm.


Saturday morning, I was assigned to shoot a festival in Villa Park and focus on some young kids playing a concert from a “school of rock”. I predict that a vast majority of the rest of my assignments at the Herald will be of festivals. As much as i do love shooting concerts, i really dont like shooting younger kids playing because they really dont sell themselves to the crowd and they just stand there with blank looks on their faces, which results in not interesting photos for me. After shooting a couple of these bands, i made my way to the other side of the fest to see what was going on, and i found a make shift skate spot spot (alliteration right there). I wanted to get one good interesting photo i was happy with from this assignment, so i hung around for a couple minutes. The kids were weirded out at first, but ignored me quick, and i got 1 really good photo of this dude nose grinding. The weather today was almost 90 and and insanely high humidity. I dont think i have sweated so much, and i had to go to a Panera soaking wet to transmit my photos over. I then made a quick stop to Calumet and tried getting into a Canon Seminar going on ( I heard one of the Canon guys say he had the new tilt-shifts to show) but didnt because it would cost me 45 bucks.



*All images copyright Brad Meyer and the Daily Herald


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