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Photo filled weekend for AMERICA!

Posted in Bands, Editorial by brmeyer3 on 07/06/2009

Fourth of July weekend ended up being festival hell for me, and pretty much every photographer at the Herald. I did manage to grab one photo i really liked at one of these festivals, and its of a little kid picking out a prize. The rest of my shots were the same redundant ones ive shot all summer, just kids on rides or playing games, nothing exciting. I also had to shoot a fireworks show and come up with a shot that was supposed to run huge on the front page of the Herald on the 4th. I went into this assignment with my finished shot in my head, and i came pretty close to what i was expecting. I should have brought a tripod tho so i could shoot at a lower iso and a longer shutter speed. On the 4th, i had to wake up early to shoot a 5k run, and then move onto a parade in Wheaton. The weather wasnt looking to good and it drizzled a bit, but the weather stayed fairly dry and i didnt get soaked. Later that day i shot a wedding and ill post those photos later when im done editing them. Sunday (today) i had to go to ribfest and shoot Huey Louis. The production company were being complete assholes and first told me i wasnt allowed to shoot infront of the stage and i had to shoot from the audiance. I argued a bit and go no where, so i headed to the crowds with my 3002.8 and 1.4x the herald is letting me borrow. Right before Mr. Louis came on, security told me i couldnt shoot from the crowd at all with a telephoto lens. I was arguing with them a ton and trying to convince them i had every right to shoot from the crowd and i was no different than any one else with a camera. I pretty much got no where, and they told me that if they saw me shooting, they were gonna escort me out and that the entire security team was going to be aware that i was out trying to shoot. I managed to get some shots with the 400+mm lens combo without getting caught by rent-a-cops and i got one of the images into the paper, it was nothing fantastic tho for a concert shot.





*All images copyright Brad Meyer and the Daily Herald


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