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Posted in Bands, Personal by brmeyer3 on 07/16/2009

Today i made it up to Schaumburg to shoot one of my buddy’s band, One Wild Night in Duxbury. They didn’t have any locations in mind, so we went driving into a business district and made it the back of a vacant building. As we were setting up, it started to drizzle and i got pretty nervous that we Werner going to be able to shoot. The rain held off, but i had some other complications. My strobe isnt meant to work with my Vagabond battery, and it kept turning off after every shot. Looks like I’m gonna have to start investing into Alien bees lights now. And my back strobes kept giving me lens flare, and i tried flagging them but the wind just blew them off and they didn’t help. Also, the sun wasn’t to helpful with my optical trigger on the strobe, so that wasn’t firing all the time. More wireless receivers are in order. Any ways, heres one shot that all of us liked a lot, and i only used 1 strobe over head shot into a reflective umbrella. I should have dropped the ambient more tho.


*All images copyright Brad Meyer

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