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Some of the weekends assignments

Posted in Design by brmeyer3 on 07/19/2009

These are some of the assignments i had this weekend, the stories and photos arnt big enough to have their own posts, so im combining them into one.  Friday i had to go to a japanese restaurant and take a portrait of the owner/chef and some shots of the food. There was a huge communication barrier, and he thought he was going to have to pay me for the shots. After some convincing him that they were going to be for free and for the paper, he let me shoot.




Later that night i had to drive all the way up to Roselle to shoot a car show. From what i was told over 100 cars show up every week for the show, but because of  rainy weather, only 3 showed up. It sucked and didnt walk away with any great photos. hopefully i can make it out there again by the end of the summer, cause these car guys are really cool to talk to.




My first assignment on saturday was to get some portraits and shots of this lady from naperville’s tv station working. It was a lot of just following her around the whole time and trying to get some interesting shots. They were covering the little league champion ship game and brought in a special production truck from comcast.



Saturday night, i had the opportunity to shoot Gary Senise and the LT. Dan Band up in Cantigny  park. Gary played LT. Dan in forest gump, and is the star in CSI:NY. I thought he would sing or something, but he just played bass, so he was essentially a gimmick for the band to popular. It was probably the most laid back concert for media to shoot. I had no restrictions, and could shoot as many songs as I wanted. So i stayed and shot through the 4th song just because i could.



*All images copyright Brad Meyer and the Daily Herald


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  1. Erica said, on 07/19/2009 at 7:00 PM

    OMNOM Sushi!! Nice first shot of the chef.

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