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five oh first!

Posted in Bands, Personal by brmeyer3 on 07/20/2009

Todayi made it up to Carol Stream to shoot a pop-punk band, five oh first. The guys were really cool and gave me free reign on what i wanted to shoot. I came up with the idea over the weekend to shoot in a pool hall, and try something different rather then the guys just standing in a line doing nothing. They were for it and we decided to ask the local brunswick zone if we could shoot. Surprisingly BZ let us shoot with no problem at all, and the pool hall was huge and empty. I got the shots i visioned in my head and am really happy with them, heres 2 from the shoot.5ohfirst-2


*All images copyright Brad Meyer


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  1. Face said, on 08/09/2009 at 9:00 AM

    A couple things: What do you think about getting rid of the background? Its kind of messy. Just expose for the band members maybe? And why don’t you like level horizons on this one? Just wondering

    • brmeyer3 said, on 08/09/2009 at 10:17 AM

      yeah, i thought about both when editing them. but the background was to close to the guys to underexpose, to much light spill and reflections. And i was shooting really wide on them, so the slightest misallignment would cause a weird persepective. but i did level off to the bumper on the pool table.

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