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Underoath at Warped Tour

Posted in Bands, Personal by brmeyer3 on 08/02/2009

So, yesterday i decided to try my luck and head down to Warped Tour to see if i could some how get a press pass and shoot the whole day. I was hesitant on making the drive because it was raining out, (you can see water drop refractions on my lens in some shots), and i want 100% sure i could get in with my camera equipment. I applied a couple times for a photo pass on the website to get access, but never got a response back, and when i arrived my name wasn’t on the media list. But just my luck and good looks, i managed to charm the lady that was handing the passes out and she gave me one (thank you newspaper credentials). I went in, met up with my friends at the vans main stage, and they said Underoath was setting up there. Underoath was the one band i really wanted to see on the tour, so i just said cya to them and ran up front to the photo pit area. I waited a couple minutes, other photogs started filing in, then all of a sudden the band came out of no where and went straight into their first song. I was the only photographer that got the first shot off of Spencer spitting into the air (you can see the others just standing looking up and around). Spencer was into it the whole time, and was nuts and never stopped performing. They performed amazing and im really glad i got to see them live. My buddy Kyle says i need to see them in a real concert venue and then my mind grapes will be blown.













*All images copyright Brad Meyer (that means dont steal these).


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  1. thirdphotography said, on 08/05/2009 at 11:48 AM

    Top shelf, Brad Meyer- These are excellent. The spitting water is really cool of course, but I also really like the first b/w of the lead singer. However, I think the shot of the drummer sticks out from the from the set. It’s too clean and colorful when compared to the pale grittiness of the others.

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