Prequel to the Sequel

My first, and hopefully not last, Cubs game.

Posted in Editorial, Sports by brmeyer3 on 08/16/2009

When i went to orientation for the Daily Herald, the photo editors told me and one of the other interns that it was possible for us to make it out to a couple cubs games this summer. They normally dont send staffers to any sport events anymore because they dont want to have to pay for photos they can just pull off of AP. But because i was unpaid, they didnt have much of a problem. I patiently waited the whole summer for the opportunity to arrise, and towards the end i realized i would have to start asking (constantly) if i could make it out. My photo editor agreed that he would do his best to get me out there, and after looking at the schedule, the best time for me to shoot was my last day with them, and at home in the suburbs in general. When i got the Wrigley, i had no idea where to go, and i found another photog and asked him. It turns out it was Phil Velasquez from The Chicago Tribune. He was a really nice guy and showed me around Wrigley and wished me luck. I got to the first base photo well 2 hours before the game started to ensure a good spot to shoot from. Crowd Management, as they are called, kept on asking to see my photo pass, most likely because not to many 19 year olds sit in photo well, and it got kind of annoying, but i guess im going to be getting that for a few more years. There were only 6 other photographers there, which is not that much from what i was expecting, and halfway through i switched sides and shot from the third base well. Being a Cubs fan, i was hoping for a great game and the W flag to fly over Wrigley, but that was not the case. The Cubs lost to the Phillies, and there was hardly any great action plays that happened, and the few that did either the umpires or  base coaches got in my way. Also, I really wished i had a 1d mark II(I), the 5d is just way to slow in the fps department for baseball, and the autofocus is not the fastest to catch those quick plays. All in all it was a great expeirence and it made the Herald internship worth it in the end, and i cant wait to be sitting back in those photo wells (hopefully with my own 300mm 2.8 and a mark III).









*All images copyright Brad Meyer and the Daily Herald


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  1. Dean said, on 08/18/2009 at 11:36 PM

    Perhaps someday…

    Nice shots btw.

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