Prequel to the Sequel

Star Trails

Posted in Personal by brmeyer3 on 11/08/2009

Sorry for the lack of updates, its been way to long. Having 3 jobs and being a full time student really eats up all my time and its hard to get to posting on here. Any ways I now have a ton of free time (midterm hell season is over) and I will update this a lot more frequently. Last night Ned and I went out a couple miles south of campus to do some star trails, which i have never done before but Ned is a big fan. The first one was 50 minutes long, and my least favorite due to the huge amount of wins-flare caused by the headlights of passing cars and the slight amount of cloud that passed through. The second one was around 25 minutes and my favorite of the two. I wish i would have gotten the axis of the earths orbit in it, but that will be for another day. Growing up in the suburbs my entire life, i had no idea how many stars there actually are in the sky. It amazed me when we went out only a few miles from campus how many showed up. And i know we were still getting some light pollution.
star trails-1

star trails-106

*All images copyright Brad Meyer


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