Prequel to the Sequel

Starting off my break with a concert

Posted in Bands, Personal by brmeyer3 on 11/23/2009

I made it out to Doug’s friday night on my first day of thanksgiving break. Screams of Winter was headlining the show, and 4 other bands were playing. 2 of the bands I havnt seen before were Billions, and Green Shadows-White Whales. Both blew me away. Billions was a mix between Muse and Dillenger Escape Plan, and i am really looking forward to seeing them perform again. GSWW ive known about for a long time, i just never had a chance to see them live. They are an experimental progressive indie band. They reminded me a lot of the clean parts on Between The Buried and Me albums, which is good cause they are my favorite band. They lacked a vocalist tho which killed it for me. I got bored half way through there set, and i feel like if they had vocals, it would have kept me engaged the entire show. Their guitarist was absolutely amazing.


Green Shadows White Whales

*All images copyright Brad Meyer


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