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Posted in Editorial, Sports by brmeyer3 on 01/08/2010

Last weekend I had another opportunity to shoot at the United Center again for the Illinois basketball game against Gonzaga. I really wanted to shoot at the UC again because photographers are allowed to shoot from the sidelines, and not just below the basket, which is where photog’s are allowed in Champaign.

I arrived to the United Center several hours before tipoff in hopes to set up a remote camera. But low and behold I left my extra memory cards at home, so I was stuck with only 1 camera. So for an hour I wandered around to an empty stadium and all of the vendors setting up their stands. It was cool looking at all of the Michael Jordan photos and memorabilia, and it still gave me goosebumps thinking about being on the same court he played on, even though I had been there before.

In the press room all of the usual news companies have assigned spots. I found the Daily Herald’s, which was empty. I also met a woman who worked for the Sun Times and was an Illinois Alumni and worked at the Daily Illini. I sat next to her the entire time and joked about Bruce Weber and his fits.

The rest of the photos are ones that I really liked, but I didnt submit to the Daily Illini for their gallery, which can be viewed here. The basketball game was great. It had a ton of great moments and a lot of emotion from the coaches, players, and crowd. The Illini managed to tie the game with seconds left to force it into overtime. But sadly they lost to Gonzaga after not being able to score on their buzzer-beater shot.

*All images copyright Brad Meyer and the Daily Illini


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  1. Joshua said, on 01/10/2010 at 10:34 PM

    Sweet shots! Sidelines…[sigh]

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