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Rosaine/Five oh first concert

Posted in Bands, Personal by brmeyer3 on 01/09/2010

On wednesday I made it up to Chicago to catch Rosaline and Five Oh First play at Sub-T. The lighting at Sub-T was terrible, It was barely bright enough in the middle of the stage, and light was pretty much non-existent on the sides. I was stuck shooting my primes at 1.8 the entire time, which was difficult to keep everyone in focus. The venue also had a balcony above the stage, which I really enjoyed and made for some cool photos.

I’ve always wanted to see 501st live ever since I took promos for them, but never was able to make it out to their shows. I’m really glad I got to see them finally, they put on a great show and know how to perform, they weren’t boring to watch. Im really excited to catch them playing at U of I in a couple weeks too. I was anxious to see Rosaline too, even though I’ve seen them live a ton of times, this time was their first show with their new members. They too put on a great performance, and I’m excited for their new record to come out, which they are working on right now.

*All images copyright Brad Meyer


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  1. Joshua said, on 01/23/2010 at 11:13 AM

    You do such a great job catching the colors and ambient light. Nice job.

  2. mulka said, on 02/03/2010 at 2:20 PM

    Stale blog!

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