Prequel to the Sequel

An almost unprinted Friday

Posted in Editorial by brmeyer3 on 02/17/2010

Sorry for not updating this as often as I like. All of the assignments I have shot have taken some time to get printed, and I have been waiting for that. Last friday I shot two assignments, both of which were not going to be printed, or even put online, for some unknown reason ( actually the reason is the reporters are not good at writing). I did manage to convince Ned, my photo editor to put one of them in print so my entire day wasnt a waste. First I had to shoot freshman taking tours of the Engineering school. I made it into the hydrosystems lab where pretty much all they do is play with giant sandboxes and fishtanks. After that I had to take a photo of some computer science majors in a meeting. They were discussing their development of an I-phone application. It was hard to shoo because the software was not developed yet and thus, couldnt take a photo of them using it on an iphone. I was sitting in on the meeting and spacing out because it was really boring, and I noticed a reflection in one of the lap tops on the table, and took a photo and turned it in as a joke. This is the one that ended up being printed, and I have no idea why.

*All images copyright Brad Meyer and the Daily Illini


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