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Posted in Bands, Editorial by brmeyer3 on 04/21/2010

Below are some shots from assignments I have had to shoot in the past two weeks.

I had to portrait of a Computer Science professor. Normally when I do portraits, I light them with off camera flash. For this one I wanted to just bounce my flash off the ceiling because I didn’t feel like hauling all of my gear on a friday morning. I ended up forgetting to bring my speed light, and when I walked into his office and saw 2 giant windows back lighting him and almost had a heart attack. Thank God for the shadow/highlight feature in photoshop, I was able to recover my underexposed and overexposed area….kinda. I really liked how he had a lot of character in his office with all of the plants and asian theme.

This assignment was about shaving heads for the St. Baldrick’s foundation for helping cure cancer. I had to shoot one of these for the Daily Herald over the summer, and I wanted to shoot this one really tight. This photo ended up being one of the farther away, looser, shots of all of the photos I took. The first person to volunteer to have their head shaved ended up being a girl (above) and she was joking about it and took it very light, knowing that her hair would grow back and it wouldn’t be the end of the world being bald for a while. I was also loving the golden hour light, it was a shame that the photo printed in black and white.

I had to shoot performers practicing for India Night at the ARC for this assignment. I met this dance troop of girls practicing in the hallway and asked if I could shoot them dancing (they said yes). I thought it was going to be a super quick assignment and I was going to be done in a couple minutes. They spent most of the time talking amongst each other about the choreography, rather then actually practicing it, which meant I had to wait longer then I thought to get my photo.

I ran over to Scott Park on campus to get photos of people cleaning up. When I got their, the only volunteers were students from Next Generation Elementry school. I grabbed some shots of the kids and teachers cleaning up the place. At first I was nervous to shoot the kids because our paper focuses on University Issues, and parental permission is generally needed to get information of children. The teacher above said the school had no problem with me shooting the kids, and that I could get their names and information as well, even without their parents present.

I had to shoot the band Daughtry for Assembly Hall. The time they took the stage was  pushing it close to my deadline of transmitting to the News-Gazette. Also, the singer always sang with his hands in front of his face and was always looking up into the ceiling, which meant I wasn’t getting the photos I wanted. This is probably my favorite of him that I shot because you can easily see his face, but I have to send a vertical shot the Gazette because the page is laid out before hand, so I didnt get the chance to have this printed.

Students had the opportunity to repel down one of the dorms to raise money for a charity. Mike Stein, one of the DI photographers, participated in the plunge and did a photo story of it. I ended up missing his drop down the wall, but did grab this silhouette of some random kid going down. View his gallery here.

*All images copyright Brad Meyer and the Daily Illini and Assembly Hall


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