Prequel to the Sequel

School is done.

Posted in Bands, Editorial by brmeyer3 on 05/17/2010

The school year finally ended, which means im not studying and working on final projects and have time to update the blog. Here are some shots since the last update. I didn’t shoot much for the paper because I was concentrating on my studies, so there aren’t that many photos to post.

I shot my first country concert at Assembly Hall. Alan Jackson and Josh Turner were the 2 main acts. This was a really hard show to shoot, because there was no barricade to keep the crowd away from the stage and a space for me to shoot from. So I was surrounded by 100 or so screaming girls while shooting, and I had to throw some bows to move about and get the shots I needed.

I shot softball for the Daily Illini during the week. During the first inning I wanted to try and grab a frozen ball photo. I prefocused my lens so the focus was in between the pitcher and batter, and took a photo of when I thought the ball was in the focus zone. Surprisingly, I ended up with a lot of shots in focus and had a higher keeper rate then I thought I would get. I am relatively happy with this one, but I am still going to try these in the future to grab a really good one.

U.S. Senate canidate and currrent Illinois State Tresurer, Alexi Giannoulias, came to campus to have a roundtable meeting with some students a couple weeks ago. It was held in a really, really small cafe with terrible lighting. Between all of the students, PR people, media, and TV crews, it was next to impossible to move around and grab different shots. Also, Giannoulias looked down at his notes most of the time, and rarely looked up at the students. He was asking them about their thoughts about the price of higher education and concerns they had.

My last assignment for the paper this year was to try and get a photo of someone putting on Sunscreen. I knew this was going to be almost impossible to get a photo of this specific action, and failed to get one in the 2 hour walk I had on the quad. I switched my focus to get shots of people tanning in the high noon sun.

All images copyright Brad Meyer and The Daily Illini and Assembly Hall.


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