Prequel to the Sequel

Guns are drawn!

Posted in Editorial, Personal by brmeyer3 on 06/19/2010

Earlier this morning I was helping cut up a tree that had fallen down at my friend’s Grandma’s house in Downers Grove (pictures of that are coming as well). As we were working, my buddy Ryan said there were cops on the other side of the block with their guns out. I thankfully had my camera and 70-200 on me, grabbed them, and took off running. As I arrived on the scene, the cops were putting a guy in the backseat of the squad car and I didnt get a photo of it. But they were still focusing on the car he was driving and were uncertain if anyone else was in it. They used their riot shields with guns drawn and approached the car, and no one else was inside. Meanwhile, other officers were running around the house that the car was parked in front of, clearing it as well. Nothing else happend after the car search, and from what I overheard from the officers, is that drugs were involved and a gun may have been in the car. And the first time in my life I shoot some real spot news, I have no newspaper to send the photos to.

*All images copyright Brad Meyer


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  1. Dean said, on 06/19/2010 at 3:58 PM

    The first one is pretty sweet.

    Last wednesday I was on my way to the train station to get to the Cubs game when I passed a scene of like 40 coppers outside of a Popeyes a few blocks from the station. I wanted to stop and check it out since I had my camera on me, but I had to catch my train. Womp womp.

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