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From The Sidelines Promos

Posted in Bands, Personal by brmeyer3 on 08/14/2010

Last weekend I took a long drive up to Vernon Hills to take some promos of the pop-punk band, From The Sidelines. They told me about an abandoned house they wanted to shoot at and I was excited to shoot there. The dead house ended up being in the middle of the woods and was infested with mosquitos ( I think I ended up getting bitten over 30 times). They also didnt want to do traditional boring shots of them trying to look way to tough, which is what almost all bands do and I get bored with that really fast. They wanted more of a narrative of exploring the house and have this gorilla/zombie sneaking up behind them, which was something different for me to shoot and a bit of a challenge to make work. These photos had probably the most extensive post processing I have done yet on anything, which is different from my newspaper edits, where I keep my editing as minimal as possible. Included are 3 photos of my work progress: Straight out of camera, processing in Lightroom, then Processing in Photoshop. Also included is a standard shot of them in a 2:1 crop, which I’m really into all of a sudden. Lighting was my B800 into a socked beauty dish boomed over them, and a 430ex firing on the gorilla or behind them as a rim light.

Camera RAW:

Post Lightroom:

Post Photoshop: Final Photo

*All images copyright Brad Meyer


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