Prequel to the Sequel

Beam Work

Posted in Editorial by brmeyer3 on 09/09/2010

Last week I was assigned to shoot this new type of exercise class at the fitness center. The whole idea was to improve balance by working out on a narrow beam. Needless to say it was a little awkward taking photos of 30+ women working out, but I cam back with some shots that I Liked.

*All images copyright Brad Meyer and the Daily Illini


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  1. Dean said, on 09/15/2010 at 12:26 PM

    I like the tilt on the first one, sort of plays on the need to balance on a beam and throwing the viewer off-balance.

    I like the silhouette on the second, I might crop out past the guy because that area’s a little distracting to me, and that’s where my eyes want to go with the converging lines.

    I like the detail shot of legs for the third, I might crop the top a little bit to get rid of some of the heads.

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