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Orange walls are pretty cool

Posted in Editorial by brmeyer3 on 09/14/2010

About a week ago I was asked by my boss to come up with an idea for a story about Sorority Rush and how it is diverse (which I dont think it really is). They wanted to include the shirts that all of the girls have to wear during the weekend of being led around campus to all of the houses. My idea was to do a portrait showcasing the shirts using girls of different races, and not identify anyone. My solution for that was to crop off their heads. After running around the Illini Media building for a wall big enough to the portrait on that wasn’t white because the shirts were white, I found one that was an awesome orange color. I set up 1 light to keep it simple and put it about 3 feet above me and I shot right underneath it, which resulted in almost of a ring light shadow on the wall, which is something new for me and I will probably experiment with it more in the future. The hardest part of this was to find girls of all different races and ones of the same height to make this work. I had to end up liquifying some of the girls shorter or taller so they would all be around the same height.

*All images copyright Brad Meyer and the Daily Illini

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