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Kid Cudi Concert

Posted in Bands, Editorial by brmeyer3 on 10/06/2010

Last night I shot my first concert of the year for Assembly Hall. Kid Cudi was to take the stage at 9:30, which is a half hour past my deadline for transmitting photos to the News-Gazette. Another problem was that I had no idea if I was approved to the show until a couple hours before it started. After being in contact with the News-Gazette all day, I was told that I would be pushing the limits of getting my photo to them before their paper was sent off to the printer. After shooting my allowed two songs of Kid Cudi’s performance, I ran to the media room to quickly caption, edit and transmit. I sent the photo off at 9:47 and the paper didn’t receive it until 9:50, but I made it in time and the photo was printed. The first photo is the one that I sent them.

The performance itself was alright. The lighting was very inconsistent, and the stage was filled with smoke by a machine, which meant my photos were a bit hazy. I also had a ton a lens flare in my photos and they were washed out a lot with the color of the lights, which produces an odd result that could be good or bad.

Hip Hop artist Kid Cudi performs at Assembly Hall in Champaign on Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2010

*All images copyright Brad Meyer and the Assembly Hall


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