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“Recent” band shoots

Posted in Bands, Personal by brmeyer3 on 02/22/2011

Here are my two most recent band shoots. I’m starting to like what I am doing with my band promos editing wise, and I think I’ve come a long way since I started. But I need to become a lot better and flushing out ideas and concepts for these shoots.

The first was Rosaline and I shot them back in November. Ideas were short between us and we were running out of sunlight, so we just drove to a nearby forest preserve, hiked through a ton of dead reeds, and knocked
out a couple shots.

In January my buddies in Admiral of Black contacted me to take some shots of them for their upcoming album. They talked to their local watering hole and got approved to shoot inside the bar before it opened. I was pretty pleased to hear that because they wanted to do a more of a narrative shot, rather then them posing (which we still did anyways). The guys also had an old Cadillac from the 80’s that they had painted flat back (it looked pretty bad ass) and wanted to incorporate that into some shots too.

*All images copyright Brad Meyer


10 Portraits for my Photo Class

Posted in Personal by brmeyer3 on 12/11/2010

For my final portfolio for the photo class I took this year, I wanted to focus on portraits and off camera lighting. The class focused on the process of editing photos, and I thought I could push myself and develop my process for editing my photos and portraits better. The shots we turned in had to have been done the last couple weeks of the class, and with the cold weather moving in, I wasn’t able to take my lights outside, which is kind of a bummer. We also had to turn in prints of each image that had to be larger then 8×10″s. It’s weird how the prints would show things that the the screen couldn’t, something I’m not used to because all of my work mostly is only seen on screen or on newsprint. Some of these I’m not super excited about, but some will make it into a portrait portfolio if I ever have to make one.

*All images copyright Brad Meyer

Chicago Skyline Panorama

Posted in Personal by brmeyer3 on 08/25/2010

On my last weekend of Summer, I headed to Chicago with my buddy Luke to grab some night photos of the city. My main goal was to grab a panorama of the skyline from the Adler Planetarium. This ¬†photo was composed of 16 photos stitched together. I’m going to make a 9 foot by 3 foot print of it to hang in my apartment. I’ve had a lot of people asking if they can buy a print off of me, so I may be possibly selling these in the future, but at a much
more reasonable size.

*Image copyright Brad Meyer

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From The Sidelines Promos

Posted in Bands, Personal by brmeyer3 on 08/14/2010

Last weekend I took a long drive up to Vernon Hills to take some promos of the pop-punk band, From The Sidelines. They told me about an abandoned house they wanted to shoot at and I was excited to shoot there. The dead house ended up being in the middle of the woods and was infested with mosquitos ( I think I ended up getting bitten over 30 times). They also didnt want to do traditional boring shots of them trying to look way to tough, which is what almost all bands do and I get bored with that really fast. They wanted more of a narrative of exploring the house and have this gorilla/zombie sneaking up behind them, which was something different for me to shoot and a bit of a challenge to make work. These photos had probably the most extensive post processing I have done yet on anything, which is different from my newspaper edits, where I keep my editing as minimal as possible. Included are 3 photos of my work progress: Straight out of camera, processing in Lightroom, then Processing in Photoshop. Also included is a standard shot of them in a 2:1 crop, which I’m really into all of a sudden. Lighting was my B800 into a socked beauty dish boomed over them, and a 430ex firing on the gorilla or behind them as a rim light.

Camera RAW:

Post Lightroom:

Post Photoshop: Final Photo

*All images copyright Brad Meyer

Recent Band Photos

Posted in Bands, Personal by brmeyer3 on 07/12/2010

Here is an update from shoots I’ve had the past 2 weekends. I think I’m going to start sharing my lighting set ups for all of my strobed stuff, and set up shots and before/afters. All of which will be included in this post.

I drove up to Chicago to shoot Forever Never Lasts. They didn’t have a location in mind when I got there, and I was interested in this red wall right outside where one of the guys lives. They were hesitant, and we ended up shooting in alley right behind their apartment. This was my first band shoot with all of my new stuff, which was a boomed B800 into a beauty dish over the guys.

The next day I drove all the way up to Wheeling to shoot All But A Memory. They wanted to shoot in their practice space with smoke behind them. I didn’t execute shooting the fog like how I imagined, which was very contrasty. I think this was due to the whole room filling up and becoming hazy really fast. We had to open the door and blow all the smoke out with a fan every couple of minutes. It was also above 90 degrees outside and in the space, which meant all of us wanted to finish up as quickly as possible before we had heatstrokes, so I didn’t have a chance to really fine tune my lights perfectly.

I boomed my B800 into a softbox directly in the center of the guys and had my old Genesis 200 strobe in the back firing at me to light up the smoke. For their individual shots I had the softbox boomed again, and had 2 direct 430ex’s behind them on either side as rim lights and to illuminate the smoke.

They also wanted me to take a portrait of a girl that is going to be used as their main artwork for their new myspace layout. This was something I’m used too but was excited to do it because its something different for me. I’m really happy with how it came out and I really got into post-processing it, touching up her skin and dodging and burning. This was shot with my B800 into a softbox camera right, and a 430ex behind her camera left as a hair light.

Yesterday I drove up to Chicago to shoot The Fight Night. They wanted to shoot on the lake right next to the Shedd Aquarium and have the skyline as the background. Thankfully we didn’t get hassled by the police or any security people. We planned to shoot around noon, which I was nervous about because I was afraid the sun was going to be at full blast and make lighting difficult. It turned out to have some cool cloud coverage, which allowed me to shoot over the sun, creating a darker sky. I was really happy with the end result, and spent a lot of time processing them, and working on my dodging and burning skills.

Boomed B800 into a socked beauty dish over head.



*All images copyright Brad Meyer

Wedding- Jason and Mel

Posted in Personal by brmeyer3 on 07/10/2010

2 weeks ago I shot a wedding for my friend Jeremy’s brother along with Dean. We agreed that I was to cover the bride and get shots of her getting ready before the ceremony and Dean was to take the groom. I was nervous shooting the bride at first because I normally shoot guys trying to look way to tough. The entire day/night was at the Elmhurst Art Museum, and the ceremony was outside in the really hot sun. My main focus when shooting this was capturing the details throughout the day. Its a concept that is different to me but have been working on slowly over the past year. I had a blast shooting this and it made me want to shoot some more weddings in the future, although I don’t think it will become a full time job, but who knows.

*All images copyright Brad Meyer

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Guns are drawn!

Posted in Editorial, Personal by brmeyer3 on 06/19/2010

Earlier this morning I was helping cut up a tree that had fallen down at my friend’s Grandma’s house in Downers Grove (pictures of that are coming as well). As we were working, my buddy Ryan said there were cops on the other side of the block with their guns out. I thankfully had my camera and 70-200 on me, grabbed them, and took off running. As I arrived on the scene, the cops were putting a guy in the backseat of the squad car and I didnt get a photo of it. But they were still focusing on the car he was driving and were uncertain if anyone else was in it. They used their riot shields with guns drawn and approached the car, and no one else was inside. Meanwhile, other officers were running around the house that the car was parked in front of, clearing it as well. Nothing else happend after the car search, and from what I overheard from the officers, is that drugs were involved and a gun may have been in the car. And the first time in my life I shoot some real spot news, I have no newspaper to send the photos to.

*All images copyright Brad Meyer

Goodbye sun!

Posted in Personal by brmeyer3 on 05/30/2010

This past week I ordered a new strobe ( Alienbees b800), a beauty dish (which I have been wanting to get for over a year now), a softbox and some other minor camera things after receiving a check from the university for a video project I did for them. This strobe has more output then my old one, and works a lot better with my vagabond battery, which makes location work much smoother without things freaking out. I took the new strobe and beauty dish out in my backyard to see how much I could over power the sun by, and had my family stand in front of the camera for a few minutes. I was shooting at ISO 50, 1/200 of a second, and from F/18-22 with my strobe at full power using the dish. If the background was dark enough (pine trees), I could completely knock out any ambient light and make it black. Now I want to start using this stuff on some bands to make my portfolio stronger and have more variety.

*All images copyright Brad Meyer

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Mike and Elise’s Engagement Photos

Posted in Personal by brmeyer3 on 05/23/2010

Several Weeks ago I shot engagement photos for my fellow co-worker Mike and his fiance Elise. We headed out to the arboretum on campus and then to the football field. I dont know why, but I really like the lens flare in the football field images. I also like shooting engagement photos a lot more then shooting actual weddings. They are way less stressful and allow me to use my strobes! Im also looking forward to attending their wedding in October, where the reception is going to be held in the press box of the stadium (which is in the background of the photos).

*All images copyright Brad Meyer

Jeremy’s Grad photos

Posted in Personal by brmeyer3 on 05/23/2010

Jeremy wanted me to shoot some graduation photos of him and his parents after his ceremony last week. It was really low key, but fun to shoot. Looking back on it now, I should have brought all my lights and set up on the quad to sell photos to people of them in their caps and gowns. Jeremy wanted me to use on camera flash for his shots, which I wasnt excited about it. Halfway through my batteries died on me because I havnt charged them in ages because I barely use my flash anymore. I forgot that I have a sync speed with my flash, and on the last photo you can see that I only flashed about 1/4 of the image, and it cut across his face (woops).

*All images copyright Brad Meyer